The Clinical Research Interoperability Standards Initiative (CRISI) is developing a comprehensive library of standard APIs to support the following objectives:
·         Eliminate the time and cost wasted on custom API integrations, especially when starting a new study.

·         Enable clinical research software applications to exchange data and documents quickly, securely, reliably and easily.

·         Eliminate redundant and error-prone data entry and document uploads by site personnel, thereby saving approximately 20% of a typical study coordinator's time.

·         Where feasible, allow clinical research sites to use a single front-end application for all studies, which would communicate with the sponsor/CRO's back-end applications.

2024 Objectives:
- Submit Implementation Guide for pilot APIs to CDISC for review and approval.
- Secure buy-in from major sponsors, CROs and study sites.
- Develop resources and processes for creating the next batch of APIs

To join CRISI's current members or for more information, please contact Norman M. Goldfarb, CRISI executive director, at

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